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Value Exchange

ABOUT US: AfriTrade Exchange is an African Diaspora-led platform, whose objective is to drive new dynamic value chains with strategic stakeholders in multi-sector industries. We're introducing a new blockchain-based solution to efficiently provide supply chain finance for African SMEs, export/import traders and multinational suppliers by leveraging data analytics.

OUR MISSION: To create a collaborative, sustainable and trusted trade exchange with regional and global value chain partners.


We aim to provide Pan-African banks and global financial institutions with trade finance dealflow facilitated by designated TAGs (Trade Agency Groups) along with their members. Our end-to-end supply chain process is designed to de-risk trade transactions with high visibility, increase transparency, track trade status and settle cross-border transaction in near real-time.

End-to-End Value Chain System

Our revolutionary platform will validate product and trade asset provenance, increase coordinated effort to drive efficiencies across entire trading network between logistics, agencies, custom agent and enabling trust in their supply chain ecosystem.

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